Divisional Public School & Intermediate College, Lahore

List of Books - 2023-2024

Class: VIII

# Subject Name of Book Publisher
1 Computer Science Computer Education Book-8 (SNC New Education) PCTB
2 English New Oxford Modern English Book & Work Book 08 (3rd Edition, Revised for SNC) OUP
3 General Science General Science for Class 8 PCTB
4 Islamiyat & ترجمعتہ القرآن اسلامیات برائے جماعت ہشتم اورترجمعتہ القرآن PCTB
5 Mathematics New Syllabus Mathematics D3 updated 7th Edition OUP
6 Social Studies Geography for Class 8 History for Class 8 PCTB
7 Urdu اردو(الف) برائے جماعت ہشتم PCTB
8 Urdu Grammar فن قواعد وانشاء Sadiq Publishers
9 اخلاقیات (Ethics for non muslim students) اخلاقیات برائے جماعت ہشتم PCTB