Divisional Public School & Intermediate College, Lahore

List of Books - 2023-2024

Class: I

# Subject Name of Book Publisher
1 Art Fun Art Book 1 Book Wise
2 Computer Science Primary Standard Computer Class 1 Cantab Publishers
3 English Oxford Reading Circle 1 OUP
4 English Grammar & Usage Book 1 SAP Education Raheem Books Publishers
5 English Two Lined Note Book
6 English Language Tree Book 1 PEAK Publishing (Danesh Publications)
7 General Knowledge واقفیت عامہ جماعت اول PCTB,LHR
8 General Science Two Lined Note Book (Interleaf)
9 Islamiat Broad Lined Note Book
10 Islamiyat الصراطالمستقیم اسلامیات جماعت اول Raheem Publishers
11 Islamiyat Broad lined notebook
12 Mathematics MathsSkills (SNC Revised Edition) Grade 1 Book Wise
13 Mathematics Notebook with medium sized Squares
14 N.Q. نورانی قاعدہ ضیاالقران پبلی کیشنز
15 Social Studies Two Lined Note Book (Interleaf)
16 Student Diary
17 Urdu اردو جماعت اول PTCB, LHR
18 Urdu Broad Lined Note Book